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If you need speed, size and quality in your laminator, consider using a roll laminator. At Office Icon, we offer a great selection of roll laminators ranging from 12" up to 60" or more. Our lineup includes a lot of thermal (hot) roll laminators and cold roll laminators (including Xyron). These laminators are perfect for laminating, protecting and preserving photos, posters, banners, signs, maps and much more. You will find our roll laminators in schools, in the military, copy centers, print shops and much more. Popular brands include GBC, Akiles, Tamerica, ProLam, Ledco and many others. These laminators are easy to use and make laminating several smaller items simultaneously extremely easy. Please call one of our Laminating Experts at 1-888-346-9184 with any questions. Place your order today!

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