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If you run a shredding business or simply have a business that shreds thousands upon thousands of documents per day, you are going to love our lineup of industrial paper shredders. These shredders are meant for continuous use, with many capable of shredding entire reams of paper at a time. Our industrial shredders vary depending on what you need to do. Some have a floor model design for shredding 75-100 sheets of paper at a time. We also have industrial models that can fill a room that come equipped with conveyors, pre-shredders and balers for shredding 650+ sheets of paper at a time. Popular industrial shredder brands include Formax, Intimus, Dahle, HSM and Destroyit. We offer dozens of different models, so please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-346-9184 with any questions. Place your order today!

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