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Automatic Air Feed Paper Folders / Letter Folders

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PF-P330 Suction-Feed Paper Folder
PF-P330 Suction-Feed Paper Folder
The Standard PF-P330 paper folder combines the simplicity of push-button set up with reliable mark-free suction feed in a table-top unit. It's ease of use and quiet operation make it a must for any office or print environment that is folding a variety of stocks that are printed both by traditional offset and digital printers.
5.5" x 8.5" to 11" x 17" From 14# Bond to 60# Cover

EF-35 Air Feed Paper Folder
EF-35 Air Feed Paper Folder
The Standard Horizon EF-35 is the ideal suction feed folder for applications that require precision paper folding, mark-free operation, and high productivity. Its high quality construction, innovative suction feed system, self-compensating fold rollers, dynamic variable speed output conveyor as well as other standard features provide years of dependable performance at high production levels.
2.2" x 2.8" to 13.7" x 25.5" From 12# to 65# Bond
From 17# to 19# Cover

FD390 Air Feed Paper Folder
FD390 Air Feed Paper Folder
The FD 390 high speed document folder is ideal for mail rooms, print shops, mail houses or virtually any other high volume environment. The bottom in-feed air system allows for continuous loading of forms while the extended out-feed stacker cuts down on the unloading of folded documents.
3" x 5" to 14" x 20" Up to 65# Cover Stock

MBM 352S Automatic Paper Folding Machine
352S Air Feed Folder
The 352-S is a versatile folding system for large offices, in-plant and quick-print shops with high-volume folding needs. This folder can fold a wide variety of paper, including coated stocks, unsuitable for friction-feed models.
3" x 3 1/4"
14" x 18"
16# to 70#   Please click here for current pricing information.

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